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Custom fitted mouthguards

Stylli's snoring mouthpiece is custom fit, and can re-mold it once if needed. It is made from soft silicone that is bpa free and after a few nights won't be able to notice it in mouth.

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saftey is our priority

Contains a custom night time mouth guard and premium nasal dilator vents that are approved and safe, free non-toxic silicone. We actually use our own products also.

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The best part?

Now both and loved ones can really enjoy arestful night’s sleep, since our moldable mouth guard for grinding teeth will help stop snoring and grinding teeth.

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Not for small mouth

Please check this size before purchase our product. This product is not for a small jaw. have to shcek this size and compare with how big is jaw.

Stylli benefits


Hot off the engineering block, the eliminator pro adjustable mouthpiece is the most advanced and effective product on the market. With a smaller overall size than the competing brand, and even smaller than the original Stylli, the pro model is more comfortable than ever before. The Stylli mouth guard works well because it can be adjusted to the desired setting for the user's mouth. This amazing lock technology helps from clenching and grinding teeth at night. The problem with mouthpieces on the market today is that they have only one setting to re-position mouth and they are one solid piece that can usually mold to mouth, but they can not adjust for personal requirements. The Stylli mouth guard has 10 incremental, 1 millimetre, possible adjustments. Some people will need to increase or decrease incremental adjustments over time to fit with the natural overbite or under-bite, it can be set to comfort and effective level - this just is not possible for any other mouthpiece on the market.

Product description

Improved durability and comfort

We aimed to make this mouth guard longer lasting than normal bruxism and teeth clenching night time guards which are typically flimsy and thin. 4 pairs of nose vents for proper size. Many night time guards and mouth pieces are only one sided and some are even less which leads to constant tearing and replacing. Also with a double-u lip ridge on top and bottom our mouth guard has added comfort, doesn’t rub and irritate the upper and lower gums as frequently.

We care about

Included in the instruction manual is some additional bonuses that can help fight the problem. There is a list of oral exercises can perform to strengthen the airway muscles which are linked to excessive snoring, and also some lifestyle/sleep modifications that can help with getting more real deep sleep which may lead to reduced stress and alleviate some of the problems it causes.

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About the product

  • Stop snoring - Snore stopper holds jaw at the perfect angle while sleep to eliminate snoring;
  • Custom fit - Stylli's anti snoring devices mold to exact shape and are antibacterial;
  • Multiple uses - Snoring, mouth guard for grinding teeth, bruxism, oral appliance;
  • Travel case - Each snore stopper mouthguard comes with a travel case so can take it anywhere;
  • Warranty: Stylli mouthguards and mouthpieces come with a 30 day warranty. We want to be happy;


1)Bring a pot of water just to a boil & remove from heat.

2)Place the blue tab into the front of the mouth guard.

3)Hold it in the water for 20 seconds. Be careful!

4)Remove from the water, shake off any remaining water.

5)Place it in mouth.

6)Push lower jaw outwards so top and bottom teeth match up and bite down gently so teeth sink in.